Rights & Responsibilities

rights and responsibilities for parents, students and school

Parents Rights to Unlimited Access to the Child & Care Provider

Parents and students have the following rights and responsibilities while in attendance at Precious Moments Montessori Preschool.

All parents have the right to unlimited access to their children while they are under the care of the center unless prohibited by court order. A copy of the court order must be kept on file with the center. Parents shall also have unlimited access to their care provider while the child is in our care unless prohibited by court order. 

Parents' Rights & Responsibilities

Parents have the right to:

  • Know that their child is cared for in a safe, supportive environment
  • Unlimited access to their children (unless prohibited by court order)
  • Access to the school staff during the school’s normal hours of operation
  • Information about serious misbehavior on the part of their own child
  • Up-to-Date information about school activities

Parents have the responsibility to:

  • Pay all fees and tuition on time
  • Keep their child’s records up-to-date
  • Follow the health policy
  • Respect classroom arrival and dismissal times
  • Notify staff when picking up their child for school accountability records
  • Let us know if their child will not be attending on a regularly scheduled day
  • Acknowledge communication from teachers and cooperate with any efforts necessary to improve behavioral issues at the school
  • Inform the school of any significant changes that occur in the home

Children's Rights and Responsibilities

Children have the right to:

  • Experience a safe, supportive, and consistent environment
  • Use all the program equipment, materials, and facilities on an equal basis with the other children in the class
  • Receive respectful treatment
  • Experience discipline that is fair and non-punitive
  • Receive nurturing care from staff members

Children have the responsibility to:

  • Be accountable for their actions
  • Respect the school rules that guide them while at school
  • Remain with the group and staff at all times
  • Care for the materials and equipment properly

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