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Our Mission - Learn, Discover, & Play the Montessori Way

Our mission is to provide every child in our school with a Montessori enriched childcare program that embraces a holistic approach to early childhood education. We believe an early education program is most successful when it considers the unique personalities of each child. We created our program with this purpose in mind. Our goal is to embrace the uniqueness of each child while providing them a nurturing, emotionally secure and academically exceptional environment.  Thus allowing our young learners to grow, learn, and explore at their own pace in a cheerful childcare environment.


Our Goals

  1. We strive to foster a lifelong love of learning and exploration. Therefore, we provide a Montessori childcare environment rich in science, reading and more as they explore their surroundings. 
  2. To support each student’s educational needs. Specifically, we observe and work to understand the unique learning styles and gifts of each child. We work with each child to encourage more autonomous, responsible, self-disciplined and self-motivated learning as they discover their full potential. 
  3. Finally, to create a gentle, hands-on learning environment that considers the needs and interests of each child. We do this while also fostering student-led inquiry/research and endeavors that develop an appreciation for the world beyond the classroom.

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Why Do We Do It?

Simply put, we do it because we love it. We truly love seeing the excitement in the faces of our little learners when they figure out a new puzzle or discover a new skill. Preschoolers are built to learn through exploration and play. That is why we adhere to a Montessori childcare curriculum that promotes student-led learning. Although they are only with us until they start Kindergarten, we do our part in ensuring each child is equipped with the skills he or she needs to continue their academic success long after they have graduated from our Pre-Kindergarten program. 

Contact Info

Phone:  (319) 363-2757

Email: hello@preciousmomentsmontessori.com

Stop By: 2957 Center Point Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Let's Get Social

Precious Moments Montessori Preschool is open from 7am – 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. We accept students aged 2 yrs – 17 yrs. We do not follow the same schedule as the Cedar Rapids school districts in regard to teacher down days, half-days, holidays, or poor weather days. If you have questions about whether we are open, please give us a call! 

Call Us: (319) 363-2757