Summer Camp is Great for Preschoolers

May 16, 2019by ashleys

Many summer camp programs accept children as young as 3 years old.  While this might sound too young, you may want to reconsider that stance, especially if your child will be entering preschool or kindergarten in the fall.

Introduction to School-like Structure

Summer camp helps give preschoolers a preview of school. This is especially true for children who have not been in a daycare or preschool before. The change from laid-back, flexible days at home with a parent or caretaker to the more structured classroom environment can be difficult for young children can be quite a jolt.  Camp introduces kids to ideas like following a schedule, learning group rules,  responsibility, and getting along with other children in a group setting. 

It Helps Ease Separation Anxiety

Day camp gives preschoolers a great “practice run” for children who don’t have a lot of experience being away from parents and caregivers. After all, being dropped off for a day full of fun and friends might look a little less intimidating for kids than going to the first day of school. Day camp allows preschoolers and parents the opportunity to work through separation anxiety. This is because it provides a more lenient environment than typically seen at a school with more strict rules regarding morning drop-off.

Preschoolers Learn Important Life Skills


Camp introduces your preschooler to new activities and skills. Many day camps include water play or swimming lessons. Other camps may focus on specific sports, like soccer or gymnastics. Your kids will have fun while practicing important skills like communication, coordination & confidence, while also learning what type of behavior is expected of them in a school-like setting. They may even discover a new activity they enjoy enough to continue it beyond summer camp.   

Camp Helps Children Build Social Skills

summer camp new friends


Day camp gives preschoolers an opportunity to make new friendships and build their social skills. Young kids sometimes have limited interactions with other children their age. Their social circle may only include a few friends from daycare, a playgroup or their neighborhood. Summer camp allows children to practice making friends and interact with kids from diverse backgrounds. It also gives children the freedom to make friends based on preference rather than proximity to their home. 

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