Our daily meals and snacks are served family style. As part of our whole child approach to learning, we encourage our students to participate in serving the meals and snacks. We are always thrilled to welcome parents to join us and eat lunch with their child. All we ask is that you call ahead to let us know you will be joining us!

Our menus are posted in the entryway as you enter the school. Typically, we rotate our menu every two weeks to provide a balanced and varied diet for our students. On occasion, we may replace the daily meals with holiday themed foods. These changes will be noted on our posted menu.


All meals are served with water unless a different beverage is specified. Cereals served are Multi Grain/ Honey Nut/ Whole grain Cheerios, Kix, Corn/ Rice/ Wheat Chex, Life Cereal, and occasionally mixed as a treat with Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch & Fruit Loops.

We may substitute these items with a generic equivalent.

Lunch: Serving all the following 5 food groups:

Snack: Serving 2 of the following food groups:

1% Milk: 6 oz. served

Fluids: 1 % Milk: 4oz

Meat or Alternative: 1 ½ oz. served (Yogurt 4 oz. served) (Nuts/Seeds 1 oz.)

Meat/ Grain/ Vegetable/ Fruit or Alternative: ½ oz. (1/4 cup yogurt)

Veggies: ¼ cup

We will supplement snacks brought in from home if needed or if they do not follow State guidelines for nutrition.

Fruits: ¼ cup

Grains: ½ serving bread product or 1 slice


We will always endeavor to ensure any child with a food allergy is not exposed to his or her allergen. In your child’s enrollment packet, there are places to list any food allergies that he/she may have. We ask that you list these in detail, as well as any other
conditions or preferences regarding food so our staff can act accordingly.

For special requests and cultural arrangements, we will accommodate these situations by serving the child food brought by their parent (ie: soy milk, almond butter, etc.).

Please include written instructions for holding, refrigerating, and serving the food.